Batuhan is a growing settlement south of the Wither Woods in northern Kaliphlin along a trade route crossroads.

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While farmers south of the Wither Woods have always scraped by, recent improvements to the climate accompanied by an increase in trade through this region have given rise to a proper town at the crossroads of the Woodbrow Road and the Wester Road. This town is called Batuhan.

Lead by name here, father faught in the Battle of the Wither Woods; survived due to the luck dragon.

Names: Ardis (female in Scottland) Aldrob Nazum Ahesh GALIB (the winner) ASBAT (the steady/reliable) Aslam Asbir Abnir < Ashtu Rosheb Abbas Asghar Arash < Aarash Ardashir Babak Albaak Khalil Khalid Shah Saif Salah Al-Nasir Al-Amin Isma’il Az-Zahir

Aarash the Ardant, son of Ahesh


Rough, but plowable terrain surrounds Batuhan with many farms to the immediate south and a few to the north. Principly, the Woodbrow Road cuts through the smoother parts of the terrain.

Map of the Wither Woods (click to enlarge)
Map of the Wither Woods (click to enlarge)

The Wither Woods to the North border the town and the main trade road. They are quite unhospitable to civilized folk.

The Barlas river feeds into a small lake with the same name. This creates a natural eastern barrier to the town, along with the rising terrain from which the river flows.

Further away, the port city of Eastgate lies to the west. The Westsands exist past the farmland, further to south and east.


Ignored by the Desert King in Petraea, Batuhan has had to form its own guard to protect its citizens and merchants passing through. Since the Battle of Historica, the only constant threat has been from bandits and other evil creatures in the Wither Woods.

The great wall of Batuhan was raised to aid in this defense. This guard and military wall has not escaped notice from Petraea, but in this time of peace, the Desert King has been content with Batuhan’s guard. It directly increases the trade that is so valuable to Kaliphlin and the wall would serve as a convenient defense against Avalonia, should the need ever arise.


Trade has been largely responsible for the grown of this settlement. It has attracted immegrants, which are the primary source of population growth. With the protection Batuhan provides to merchants, a tax is received.

Farms to the south, also under the protection of the Batuhan Guard, provide food and textiles for the town’s inhabitants.

The wall and many of the fortified buildings are only possible due to the Bu─čra Quarry located through the Wither Woods along the Wester Road.

The fortune of prosperity has given rise to Batuhan, but the wise know this is only fleeting. Merchants will not be so willing to hand over their gold if they become threatened on the road as they were before. Townsfolk may become rebelious if the farms fail to produce enough food. Farmers may be less tollerant of the new cultures if their livelyhood is threatened. And those in power will find well-supported competition should any trouble arise.


The inhabitants of Batuhan are mainly immegrants. The time of peace and trade has brought many peoples to settle down here. Being so close to the sea and on a major trade route to Avalonia, many people have come from Varlyrio.

Dwarves have come from as far as Nocturnus to work in the quarry and craft stone in town.

Many of the Kaliphlinian farmers have accepted the cultural shifts, or at least tolerate them in town in exchange for their business.

Lizardfolk and other outlaws occupy the Wither Woods and are a constant thread to peace.


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