Lego Go Set

2927 Pieces

I have built a Lego go board. Go is a 2000+ year old game. It is also known as igo in Japanese, weiqi in Chinese and baduk in Korean. A summery of the game can be found here.



A few months ago, I built a set of bowls to go along with it and today I added star points. These can be seen in this image below.

I do not have instructions for the bowls. If you are following the instructions, please substitute 36 yellow 1x2 plates for 36 yellow 1x1 plates and 36 black 1x1 plates. I also considered using cheese slopes, but they would not quite fit. They may be able squish in. This would give a rounder shape to the star points. Right now, black stones are hard to see on the star points.

The star points add 36 pieces. The bowls add approximately 100 pieces apiece. This brings the total to over 3150 pieces.

Original Post

Building instructions and piece list can be found here. There are 2927 pieces (this includes the board and the stones). I have not created bowls yet. The board makes use of the SNOT building technique.

The first picture is the first game played on the final version (I was white). A full size version can be found here.

Go Lego Board Game

The image below is a shot of a corner (colors are incorrect of course). The whole board is 46x46 studs (about 14” square). To keep it together better, the board is placed inside a ‘box’ which consists of a 48x48 stud plate and walls 1 stud wide.


One row taken out

A computer rendering of the board

The whole board

Bowls and Star Points

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